Writing and Editing Services

Writing Coaching

If you are ready to devote time to your writing--whether you have a clear project in mind or simply want to hone your craft--writing coaching can help. In our one-hour sessions, we will talk toward goal-setting, writing prompts, exercises in form, and narrative approaches. If you share drafts of work, we can discuss next steps for revision along with affirming what is working. This is for any writer eager to improve. 

Developmental Editing
$5/page +
$125/hour for session

 This is for the writer with a relatively full but evolving draft who needs a reader focused on tone, audience and structure. You'll receive substantive broad feedback on how the piece is working with suggestions for revision. Notes will include some line edits and corrections. If you are committed to revision with publishing as a goal, developmental editing can help.

Submission and Pitch Support
$5/page +
$125/hour for session

If you have a full draft that you think might just be ready to submit, this level of support is for you. This assessment engages with feasibility for publishing and offers ideas for next steps. You'll receive a written report with "fit" in mind. Together, we can design a pitch letter when needed, and craft a submission schedule with ongoing deadlines to help get your work out to readers.

College Essay Support
From Scratch to Polished Essay

$1000 (5 one-hour sessions + written feedback)
Individual Session
$225 (written feedback + 30-minute meeting)

Meeting the challenge of writing about yourself can be intimidating, especially in the context of the college application process. With over 20 years experience teaching first-year college writing--most recently as Director of Writing at Bowdoin College-- I understand the nuances of the admission process and see the essay as one of the few ways to be YOU in the application. My method begins with a conversation that brings key ideas to the surface with prompts to guide you toward a first draft that sets you apart. Revision is always key to good writing, so you should expect at least 2 rounds of feedback and discussion. In 5 sessions, you will go from blank screen to polished essay.  
If you already have a draft, I offer full feedback and a discussion toward revision.